DJ A Rock “the return” and “don’t call it a comeback” he is so hip hip/R&B his mixtapes are always “Grown Up” he takes it way back to the basic element of partying. Rocking the party is in his DNA two stepping is normally a requirement when it comes to

DJ A Rock providing the source of grown folk music. Clearly when you enter his grooving atmosphere while he’s on the ones

and twos this “Fear Master DJ” beats are defined from the top of your head to the soul of your feet. It’s all about the melodic

movement when it comes to entertaining your peace, joy & happiness. His passion for DJing was ignited in 1989 when he fell in love with the Technic 1200 Turntables he saw influence by DJs like DJ Roby 1 and DJ Selo using at local parties in his hometown

of Waterloo, Iowa. Anthony Smith aka DJ A Rock, was already break dancing and acting with a teen group called “SoulBeat”,

and playing drums for his church. Within 10 years DJ A Rock had formed his own dance group, won drummer of the year award,

traveled around the Midwest as captain of drill team landing a spot in the nationally televised Bud Billikan parade in Chicago, Illinois. Soon after rocking parties for friends and family a local buzz began to flow around the city, creating a career that not

only put DJ A Rock through college but enabled him to start his own company. KeepItASecret Productions which was originally

formed in 1993 by Marques Wilder, Daniel Frazier Jr. and DJ A Rock in Waterloo, Iowa. DJ A Rock called the rap group

“KeepItASecret” which was managed by the talented Felicia Smith Hagerstrom altogether they penetrated the local market

which led the group to become an opening act for Sheryl Underwood. In the early nineties, the group performed at local talent

shows, college events, and benefit concerts. In the late nineties the group decided to separate in order to pursue other career

goals. Following the split DJ A Rock took over KeepItASecret and changed the name from KeepItASecret Productions to

KeepItASecret Entertainment. DJ A Rock continued to perform locally. By 1998, DJ A Rock dropped two mixed tapes and landed

his first club gig at Bams by then his turntables became his daily heartbeat. The heart of his passion lies in the parties and the shows where he can get real time crowd reactions the buzz created behind his groove technique recognized by DJ Commando led him to become the resident DJ for New World Lounge in 1996 Waterloo, Iowa. DJ A Rock accomplished this by the tender

age of 18 eventually becoming the most in demand DJ in the state of Iowa so much so he was featured in Blaze Magazine, a

youth publication spinoff of Vibe Magazine. In 1998, DJ A Rock decided to attend University of Northern Iowa placing emphasis

on studying communication and electronic media he then became the radio campus DJ from 1998-2000. Most DJ’s target the record industry getting on as many albums or mix tapes as possible hoping whatever MC or artist that blows up can get name

recognition as well. Riding on someone else’s coattail was never DJ A Rock style. DJ A Rock clearly understands that music is the doorstep to the brain and it penetrates the soul of people. From the time of being radio campus DJ, charity events he did with

Boys & Girls Club, Benefit concerts for the Nation of Islam, generated commercials for the radio jocks along with creative producing for their mix shows became his purpose to fulfill the joy of sound in music.

There is no question that the craft of DJing has changed since 1989. High tech digital equipment has enhanced and in some

instances has replaced vinyl and turntables. Computers create seamless loops and synchronize samples making it easy for

anyone to claim the title as a DJ. DJ A Rock knows that DJing requires more than punching keys on a keyboard, it’s an art form.

Instead of fretting about the good old days DJ A Rock knows that failure to innovate and keep abreast of the entertainment industry and latest advances in his field is failure to progress. But don’t let his grasp of technology fool you. Never premixed

always fresh DJ A Rock is a beast on the ones and twos. Mediocrity is unacceptable. It’s the beats and sound that rhymes within his ears giving off a harmonious symbolic goal affect to the people. DJ A Rock rhythmical coordination with turntables is easy to the eyes giving you an understanding of his gifted metrical form that makes you groove. In the world of entertainment you are

only as good as your last set. Master of backspins, BPMs, and scratching DJ A Rock is a dictator of the dance floor, controlling every move of the crowd with his rhythmic beat matching. There is nothing plug-in-play about his skills.

DJ A Rock is unique in that he has chosen to build his KeepItASecret Entertainment brand in an unconventional way. DJ A Rock has proved services for the Democratic National Convention Media Welcome Day events, provided entertainment before national comedians like MoNique &Tone-X old school, hip hop heads like Naughty By Nature, Dead Prez, Raekwon, reggae artist Lady Saw, Fantasia, Llyod, Miguel, Lakeside, professional athletes, and more. Whether its clubs, artists, weddings, private parties, or corporate events DJ A Rock continues to excel and evolve. What is next for this command-in-chief

of the DJ booth? Saturation of his mixes on a corporate level, mixing and scratching on commercials, artist’s videos and

performance sets, movies, video games, and more. His master turntable professional charm, intellect, talent, and business savvy are the keys to his sustained success.

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